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you’re chatting me, like we connect but I don’t even know if we’re still friends
It’s so confusing, understanding you is making me not want to do the things that I know I should do
But i trip up and then i lose and i hate looking like a fool

wow. feel like some crazy person the way my thoughts about myself and dating seem to fluctuate lately. i think generally this is where i stand: i am in no hurry to jump into a relationship (hello 2.5 year break since my last), i am, however, open to meeting someone to get to know, i do need to take whatever it is with that someone slowly, i am not into this whole hook up culture, and like the giggly stuff… but THAT being said, i have a bone to pick.

ok, this maybe is just a rant, so if you’re not into hearing curly redheads bitch, then maybe wait for the next post. but here is the thing. what does it take for a guy to ask for a girls number? it seems i have friends that get girls numbers all the time (and they call, usually, i’m not just talking sport). and because most girls are not like me, they had to ASK for those numbers.

so my question, to you straight boys- what makes a girl worth asking for her number?!
is it purely physical?
is it good conversation?
is it when you know she’ll give you it (ego boost)?
is it cause you want to get to know her?
is when she asks for yours?

and a few more questions… do you really think that a girl who gives you her number may be the one (i swear there is no judgement in that question, i just want to know)? is there a type of girl that you usually ask? do you ask girls for their numbers often?

and ultimately, what the hell is it about me that makes you all NEVER ask? ok. this is not a pity party, i promise. but “just because i don’t want to go to the prom doesn’t mean i don’t want to be asked!” i know this is probably a cranky wednesday feel bad about myself moment but, what gives?

i was talking to a friend about the concept of ‘macking’ and just going out on the weekend to meet people. and sure, maybe i’m outta line to say that i want to go out and get my ’swerve’ on without anything actually coming of it, but i just said it. so we’ll move on. in said conversation i could not actually remember the last time a gentleman caller asked for my digits. so what IS it?!

in case you have not figured it out I AM ASKING FOR A RESPONSE TO THIS. this is not a rhetorical question.

so to recap boys- what is it about a girl that makes you want to/or not want to ask her for her number?

and remember, i’m being crazy superficial non meaningful relationship steph right now, because honestly self esteem comes from lots of places, and what other people think is most certainly one of them. (and i don’t need “oh don’t worry steph you don’t want of those guys, its ok they are just intimidated, you’re not going to meet the one for you in a bar” answers. i know this. remember i’m a smart cookie. just play the game how i asked you to, kay?)

I’m not in love
I just wanna be touched
I just want your kiss boy, kiss boy, kiss boy
I just want your kiss

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