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try, try, try just a little bit harder. so I can love, love, love him, i tell myself.

this post is very much inspired by a craigslist missed connection that i read last week (oh yea, and the events of my and friends’ dating lives lately.)

basically the CL missed connection was to all the hipster boys of the mission neighborhood in san francisco, from a hipster girl.
word for word she says “Dearest hipster boys, 
We get it. You were a loser in high school. And now (*sigh*), gangliness, improper hygiene, and the-I-got-dressed-in-the-dark-look is hot (dare I even say sexy?) and you have absolutely no idea what to do. Yes, women exist, and you must (no matter how cool your guitar is), interact with them at some point.
The good news is we forgive you, but please (we’re begging), take note: saying hello to a girl in a bar is one thing, staring at her blankly all night and looking down at any eye contact while huddled with your friends (bros?) talking fixed gears and shades of fluorescence is an entirely different one. Repeat slowly: hell-o. We don’t bite and almost definitely want to talk to you just as much as you want to talk to us. And oh yea, shave your goddamn beards (cough* defense mechanism *cough). (thank god Faralito is better than sex.) 
Much love, Hipster Girls”

so first things first. i do not endorse the beard comment. if you know me at all you know that i love me some burly facial hair. BUT this girl has the most amazing point. on which i would really like to elaborate.

and i am really not picking on you boys… well maybe today i kind of am (and am apologizing for the heteronormative perspective of this post). here’s the deal. and i’m not just talking to hipster boys. though i believe that the people i am writing to and about were not necessarily the jocks in high school (because they only made up what, 25% of high school population anyways?!). i live in SF, i have a community of pure tech, art, web 2.0, music and even academic geeks as my friends. and, duh, i’m one of them. so if you do not fit into the above categories then sorry, disregard this post (not really, you need to hear this).
we, as girls, get it. boys are dumb at dating. sorry, but i have heard this more from boys than girls, so i know it is true. you’re shy, you were a dork in high school, you didn’t go to keggers in college, you played (still do) too many video games, you were a late bloomer, your best friend always got the girls, you don’t think you’re attractive, you really think that glasses hide your thoughts, or that they make you look cool and mysterious, you were in a long relationship that never allowed you date around. you were a band geek. you. have. no. idea. what. you. are. doing. WE GET IT.

but where the hell do you think WE learn from? from dealing with all of you dating incompetent boys. more accurately, from TRYING THINGS OUT. and learning from what works and doesn’t work. see, we are forced to have this attitude cause we are girls and girls apparently have this gene in us that makes us love all things relationships. but that’s not really the case. i, personally, am an academic geek that loves communication theory applied to relationships. other girls, they learn about dating from ACTAULLY DOING IT. with you boys. who by no means make it easy on us.

i am not placing full blame of the game on you, but this stuff doesn’t come any more naturally to us than it does to you. we just try. you don’t think that we think ‘having the talk’ is the most awkward thing ever?! we do. but we also know that if WE don’t initiate it, you never will. you don’t think that seeing you at the bar after you have been in our bed the weekend before is awkward? you don’t think that we would like to avoid all contact with you until that awkwardness goes away, too? you don’t think that it is weird that you are our ex’s best friend, or that we work together? sure. we. do. but we man up and plow through the awkwardness of dating cause we like you. and you’re cute. and socially awkward (read: retarded). and clueless on all things dating. and the number one rule of dating (the only rule we seem to know instinctually) is that dating is a game of equaling the playing field of vulnerability at all costs. so, you feel awkward cause you never learned in your thirty years of life how to talk to a girl you think is interesting. we get this, and therefore we make the SECOND move, talk to you, to put OURself out there and therefore we are now both vulnerable. you get it? we automatically give you the first round of vulnerability without actually knowing anything about your dating or cool status past. and if you do make the first move and approach us, therefore making yourself the one in a vulnerable position, i promise you this, we are DYING to level the playing field of vulnerability by putting ourselves back out there, too. this is the natural flow of dating. sharing things, learning things. working through things together.
so, we get it. you have no idea what you are doing. but, neither do we. we just try. and yes, it may make things uber uncomfortable, and we may look like the dumb girls in the process. but at least we are trying. whether or not my lady counterparts are as aggressive as i am in the combatting of awkwardness by walking up to it and shaking its hand or not, we are ALL ready to move past uncomfortable and awkward dating situations.

so can you JOIN us? instead of retreating behind your champagne of beers, thick framed glasses, american apparel hoodies, and guitars, step away from these disguisers of uncertainty and be an active part of the dating game with us. be awkward. and try new things… please?

try yeah, try yeah, hey, hey, hey, try yeah, oh try whoa! whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, oh anybody, oh anybody, oh anybody.

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