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so i’ve written before about letting people in. especially after hurting from a break up. or creating relational schemas from an old relationship, or whatever. but this weekend i was talking to a friend about actually starting to date someone after being single for so long. and she and i are in similar places, having been single for three or so years, and loving ourselves, our lives, and what we have created. and also not ever willing to settle.

and we have both dated around and met boys that we would like to date who didn’t feel the same way, or had boys want to date us that we didn’t reciprocate. but on the whole, we are strong, single women. looking for the right guy to let in.

and she asked me about something that i have actually thought about a lot, she said, “do you think people just get into relationships cause it is easy? i mean, how do you KNOW that this is the one you want to give up the search for.” and i said, “sheesh, i have no idea. i think the right guy will just make you not even think about being with anyone else. you won’t even think that you are giving up, or that there is possibly someone else.

and this is a thought i have had many times before. usually when i am very casually dating someone i get this freak out moment in my head that maybe this will be the guy. and i won’t be able to go out and try and meet cute boys, or i won’t be able to make-out with that repeat offender that i see every 9 months, and i won’t be able to peruse missed connections hoping to see one about a curly haired red head. and i wonder, is this guy worth the last THREE YEARS i spent growing and loving myself? is THIS the guy to give in for?

and then i wonder. if i am thinking that way, then am i settling? i mean, being single is a roller coaster. sometimes you can’t imagine ever giving up your freedom, or independence, or self love for someone else. and the sometimes you can’t stand the thought of sleeping alone in your bed one more night. and sometimes you give in to the drunken attention and invite someone into your bed that you know will not break the single streak just to fill that void. and sometimes you close yourself off to someone that may actually be good to break the streak with because you want make sure you are representing everything that three years has meant, and not settling.

so. how do you know that the person you are casually dating is the person you want to be exclusively dating. my first thought is that it should be a no brainer. you should just want to be with that person so much that the other questions are non issues. not to be a jerk cause we will get to me next, but what about those serial monogamers that go from one relationship to another. they don’t even ever THINK about all the things that one must ‘give up’ to be in a relationship. and to touch on us, the hold on to our single lifers, the ones that are always single, never in a relationship, we gotta give in and do it sometime.

so, where is the balance? how do we let someone in without not losing all the lessons learned and growth from being genuinely single and self sufficient for an extended period of time. without becoming someone that does not know how to be single, always going from relationship to relationship and risking our self worth be comprised of the attention we get from a significant other.

you would never have the time
i would love to change your mind
you were there
and it was good in the beginning
you were there
we were good in the beginning

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