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well, it’s november first. now is as good a time as any to start back writing. and i’ve decided that, given the recent events, i am going to try and do the national blog posting month, thing. a post a day, every day for the whole month of november. mostly, i think it will give me that kick start into figuring out what’s next. because that is how i figure things out, i talk about them, or write about them.

i’m currently in new orleans. a city with which i feel and odd closeness. a sense of being at home.

this vacation is exactly what i needed. a revival.

and i’ve got so much running through my head right now that i’m not even sure where to start with this post. but i figure i’ll just start writing and it’ll come out. and if it doesn’t then there is still tomorrow. and the next day.

so, i know you all probably don’t care as much as i do about astrology, but that’s where i’m going to start. you see, for the last two years saturn as been in my sun sign, virgo. what does that mean? well saturn, the planet, is know as the teacher. and your sun sign is who you are, at the core. so saturn being in you sun sign saturn brings challenges and lessons to you as a person. challenges and lessons that are intended to make you grow immensely, and learn about yourself in a way that will stick with you forever. and depending on where your sun is in your chart, your lessons could be even more specific to that area of your life.

so, my sun is in virgo in the seventh house, the house of relationships.

therefore, saturn’s challenges brought to me have been very relationship heavy.

and two days ago, saturn left my sun sign (only to come back for 14 more weeks next spring in retrograde, but i won’t go there).

apparently, this means that things will get easier, in life, in general. so i decided to start by telling saturn that i learned some of the things that i was supposed to learn. many of the posts this month will be along those lines.

so stay tuned…

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