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ok, so i’m pretty tired and not really in a “here are my semi-put together, semi-intelligent, semi-interesting thoughts” place. so this post will be short. but here none the less because of nablopomo (when i commit to something, i’m all in).

this morning i had a root canal. and right now my face just hurts. two and a half hours of mouth open drilling, sawing, sanding, needling, poking, and icky stuff my body is just done. i’m not a wimp, but sometimes physical pain just manifests itself mentally and emotionally. so i’m just tired and a little cranky.

in other news, after a mere 4 and a half hours of work…. i got most of my old stephdub.com posts back up. which is a good good thing. i’m feeling better about that.

but due to looking at this exact wordpress screen for 4.5 hours already today, i’m a little burned out.

it is, however, time to get back into planning and goal setting and new adventure acquiring for stephdub. i had a nice two week come down, regroup, period and now need to dive back in.

i think i want to try and find another writing outlet. like more formally. and publically. maybe a mag column, or something?

and definitely still wanting to do radio/broadcasting. if anything, i’ll have to get a podcast up and running again.

so if anyone of you know of any leads at all for the above things. remember meeeeeeee. :)

i think… i’m sleepy… and my face hurts… and yea. that’s it for tonight.

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