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so sleepy.

last night was a night that campfire stories are made of. well, maybe not campfire. maybe, um, coffee, or having beer, or ice cream, or whatever.

it involved an east bay pick up, a mocktoberfest costume purchase, a pizza party, a middle of the night drive across the golden gate, a meteor shower with comet tails, cozy laying with three on the hood of the focus, ghoststorytelling, laughing, a moment of common obsession for a 1996 movie soundtrack, playing the air piano and violin, approaching a garage door crime scene, super sleuthing through the crime scene with a 1.5 hour alarm count down, a blue bottle coffee and banana nut muffin, east bay drop, and off to work.

this super sleuth story deserves a full, well written post. but, i’m sleepy. so, please, handle those horses, and your detective story curiosities will be settled tomorrow eve.

“i think that neko case should be playing everytime i look at the stars.” – matthewfleming

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