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we are always running for the thrill of it thrill of it. always pushing up the hill searching for the thrill of it.

today i had a fabulous hayes valley brunch with ron. we had delicious la boulange while discussing life, love, creativity, work, goals and other awesome stuff.

we then sat in hayes green for at least an hour talking and remembering that saturdays are for exactly that: doing nothing, and being in the moment. preferably in the sunshine. photo by stormbear

and then, for some reason we started talking about sarah palin. blech. and THAT lead to pick up lines gone wrong. (logical progression, right?)

so here are some of our favorites. they stemmed from terrible things to say, changing one word in a commonly known pick up line, getting the words mixed up, getting two or three separate pu-lines smooched together, terrible things to use as a pick up line in SF, and taking any pick up like three steps too far.

:::this one is how it all started::::

“have you read sarah palin’s new book?”

“do you know what going rogue means in the UK?”

“my name is ‘Ron’… should we keep talking, or just do this?”

“do you come here often? because, i love you.” (see also, insert i love you after everything)

“do you have a quarter? i told my wife i’d call her when i found the girl of my dreams.”

“those pants are becoming on you. of course, i’d becoming on those pants if i were you.”

“what’s your sign? virgo? not after i get through with you.”

“jesus may love you. but i’ll LOOOVVEE you.” (said in marvin gaye voice)

“those pants are becoming on you. i would be coming on your floor if you were on me too.”

happy saturday, ya’ll.

on and on and on we are calling out and out again. never looking down i’m just in awe of what’s in front of me.

addendum to original post, including additions from friends that read this original post-

“im not normally a supporter of interracial sex, but id be willing to make an exception for you.”

“didn’t anyone tell you about me?”

the thrill (feat empire of the sun). wiz khalifa.

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