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so i was thinking of a fun post about drunk woman etiquette. but i decided that it is going to wait.

many of my friends run the internet. well, like half of it at least. the fun half. and while why are taking the train to the internet everyday, i am driving across the bay bridge (well 3 hours before them). and while they are doing ‘work,’ i am, in fact, doing work.

normally i’m so not into this. stuff from the internet, that is. i just don’t have time. but apparently today was a productive day for my friends. therefore, i going to regurgitate their productivity to you.

here is all the good work they did on the internet today. thank you friends, mostly via twitter. your success does not go unnoticed.

8th grader sex therapist.

What Earth Would Look Like With Rings Like Saturn

emo super heroes

death of an idea

man in a coma for 23 years- conscious the whole time

this is a not new one, but i read the article and swooned, hard. also, future husband, take note.

creepy and awesome.

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