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so going through the entire application and selection process for AOL ambassador of lifestream has been a crazy and intense learning and growing experience. as part of my application i was asked to describe why i’m the best person for the job. and seeing as this is a social media position, i decided to reach out to my friends for their thoughts on why i was the best. and this is what i ended up submitting for my essay-

Well, you said you cared what my friends think, so I decided to have
THEM tell you why I’m perfect for this job. Not to worry, I didn’t
skew the results by telling them why I needed their description. I
could sit here and list all the phenomenal things about me that make
me the perfect candidate for the position, like having my Master’s
Degree in Organizational and Cultural Communication, my impeccable
tact, innovative strategic mind, influential managerial skills,
uncanny ability to connect with anyone… no, I won’t weigh their
words with my personal opinion. I’ll let you hear it from them.

I posted the following on Twitter and Facebook: Friends IRL and
followers, please please help!! If you could describe/define me with a
word or phrase (or a few) what would it (they) be?!

And here are their answers, with no baiting, describing your perfect candidate:
Ebullient analytical extrovert. “Top of the phone chain.” Hopeful.
Emphatic. Boisterously fun! Phenomenal laugh. Spirited. VIVACIOUS!
Dubalicious! Authentic. Driven, engaging, a force of nature. Brassy!
Down home genuine with authentic urban edge. Rosy, curly, springy,
energy. Dreamy and enchanting. Perceptive. Vivacious [again!]!

Perfectly yours,
Steph “charisma, insight and ambition” Dub

and what i wasn’t prepared for when i asked the lighthearted question to my network of friends was the kindness and greatness of their responses. it’s not often that we ask what other people think of us. maybe it’s because we don’t really want to know. maybe it’s because we don’t care. i’m not sure why. but sometimes it really is amazing to find out how other people think of you. it’s amazing when their responses are so genuine, and align with who you strive to be as a person.

so at that point in the application process, i said even if i don’t get any further, just seeing and feeling those responses was gift enough.

and then i made it to the semi-finalists, and now finalists. and i’m rallying and reaching out, and asking for help (which is a whole nother lesson being learned). and the responses are outrageously awesome. i feel so loved and supported and understood. from every person that “got it” that i’d be perfect for this job. from everyone that sent the link to strangers. from every stranger that has voted. you’re all so wonderful.

often times, when we want something, and need “more” to get it, we forget the people that have already given to us. we inadvertently punish them for not giving enough. and through this process i refuse to let that happen. so, one day into the 4 day process i want to say THANK YOU. to every one of my friends, family members, strangers, friends of friends, friends of family. YOU’RE ALL AMAZING. thank you so much.

here’s one of the facebook messages that inspired this post:
Laura Liu:…i thought about why i liked your video better than the other two. social media is not part of your job, it’s your PA—SSION (said with your chicago accent in my head). for them, it’s part of their job and their social life. for you, it’s about how to move your PA—SSION for your radio show forward, which has nothing to do with your day job. …just thought i would point that out to everyone who should be voting for you. wish i could’ve left that comment on the voting website.

so thank you all. for everything you’ve done already. you’re an amazing bunch and i’m so grateful.

NOW- let’s rally for three more days. there’s no way i’m NOT going to get this ;)

if you haven’t yet please VOTE FOR ME FOR AMBASSADOR OF LIFESTREAM! <3

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