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keeping with the theme of ‘the internet and dating,’  my guest on the show was jesper andersen.

jesper has created two (and is working on a third) social service websites that focus specifically on human aspects of “social networking”- NOT wanting to see certain people, forgiving and asking for forgiveness, and the complexities of having and telling secrets.

our discussion started with jesper sharing a personal relationship story which led to the creation of, and upcoming disclosur…

as someone who is VERY passionate about awareness of the effects of social media on our relationships, i was SO excited to talk with jesper because his social media ‘projects’ highlight some of the things we need to be aware of.

you can find more about avoider, the forgiveness engine, and jesper at

also, check out the press this fella’s getting!

daily intel- nymag
nytimes blog

urban daddy

you can find both of us on twitter- @stephdub @jandersen.

jesper andersen and i talk the ebbs and flows of relationships and social media.

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