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date night radio this week had guest is writer/performer/creative/funny guy/(swirly hands in air) noah berkowitz. he’s performed stand-up, improv, written for the Huffington Post comedy site, and worked at The Onion.
check out his writing at http://www.noahlotmore.com/

we’ll talked about the perils of dating as a writer, the consequences of his post “you shouldn’t have sex with me” and  what it’s like to date in the city. we talked and our own personal ‘filtering’ process for whom we date, the non negotiables, and hairy boys.

we also did a not so his vs. hers top 5 list. more a steph’s ‘biggest guy complaints in sf’, and noah’s ‘what guys are annoyed with while trying to date in sf’ list sharing.

plus girls peeing in bed, boys being wimping and uncommittal, and pawning of noah for a date. or trying to.

check itttt.

why you shouln’t have sex with me-noah berkowitz.

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