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just stay there, cause i’ll be comin over. and while our blood’s still young, it’s so young, it runs. and we won’t stop til it’s over… won’t stop to surrender

on tuesday, june third (according to gmail) i started making some notes for a post that i wanted to write. a list, really, it was going be about all the things that i really like about boys. or, i like boys that do/have/are these things.

and last week, i read [Redacted] Guy’s “Ten Things Women Do That Men Love” and i suddenly remembered that i was writing a similar post!

in honor of swoon, dating, connection, and smiles i’ve decided to tell you all the things we (well, i) love about you, boys.

*when you dress up.
i know you hate it, and this is one of those times where you really probably do have it worse than us, but you look great. sexy. really sexy. not that i don’t love you in your favorite tee-shit from college with all its holes that permanently smells of you no matter how many times you wash it. i like that too. there is just something that is incredibly attractive, sexy, and comforting about a guy in a suit and tie. maybe it reveals my secret love for certain old school acts of gentlemanhood. but you seem more confident, formal and in control when you’re dressed up (don’t tell my feminist self i said any of this!). like you could saunter calmly past the antagonist at a high brow cocktail party, handsome attire covering your strategic mind racing intelligence, as you conceive a plan to guarantee my safe departure of said party pre-bomb deployment. that kind of control. girls like the bad-boys, but what we like even more? someone that can fight like the bad boys while functioning perfectly in normal society. just know, when you’re worried about sweating your face off at that outdoor wedding in the 95 degree heat, and i’m complaining of how my sundress still isn’t cool enough attire, i’m secretly adoring you and your manhood.

*your beard or 5’oclock shadow
ok so i know everyone isn’t animalistically attracted to big burly facial hair, like i am, but every girl i know can appreciate the slightly disheveled, this is one thing i don’t have control over, face of a man a day or two past shaving. besides loving beards in general, i really love the day or two past the last shave face. it’s one thing to make a conscious choice to not shaves for days, weeks, and months (thereby growing a beard), but there’s something endearing and softening about watching the guy that does maintain a clean shave look see how long he can go before he has to give in. sunday mornings are usually the best for this look. you’re two days into growth, but it’s still the weekend, and for godsake you won’t shave until you have to! i guess what i’m trying to say is, no matter how much a girl may love a clean cut clean shaven guy, it’s the five o’clock on sunday shadow that brings a smile to my face as it reminds me of the very  lovely differences between men and women. it softens your edge.

*the chivalrous things you do that are so subtle we probably don’t even notice.
many of the guys i know are good guys. the kind of guys whose dads taught them how to be gentlemen. and as a woman, who wasn’t taught those things, i probably don’t even know about half of them. but once and a while, a guy friend, or someone i’m dating will do one of the way more subtle (many women probably don’t notice) gentleman acts, without being recognized, or even acknowledged and it warms my heart. these aren’t the ‘go out of your way to open a car door,’ ‘pay for dinner,’ quick win gentleman moves. they are acts that some girls may never even be aware are happening. it’s like you pass the “is he a great guy even when no one is looking test” test without me even realizing you were being tested. my favorite one of these, and a guy i dated was so good at doing this i didn’t even realize that he did it every single time we were together for a few months in,  is walking on the outside of the sidewalk.  or waiting until i get inside my house before you drive away (guys- i, as a female driver, even do this. please, if you don’t already, make this a habit). these little acts are so great at reminding me that there is so much going on up there that i don’t know about. and that you care.

*when you sing along with a favorite song in the car
music is one of those great things that’s not discriminatory of who it affects. we all have that song that brings us back to the best summer of our life, or reminds us of our first crush, or gives us hope, or makes us smile and sing along. and when those songs come on in the car, or in a public place, and you sing along silently or audibly, it makes me smile. music is meant to be an emotional, feelingful experience, and i love watching guys enjoy it.

*when you kill the spider without asking me if i’m serious, telling me i’m a wimp, saying no, or making fun of me before you do it.
i’m a pretty independent, self sufficient gal if i do say so myself. i live alone, and have for almost seven years, so of course i’ve killed my share of creepy crawlies. but you know what’s great about having a boy around when then next CC presents itself? it’s one less that i have to kill. honestly, the crunch of the bug just gets me, ok? and when i can calmly (i mean it, no arms flailing as i stand atop the kitchen counter) ask you to take care of it and you just grab a tissue and do the deed, i love you. that’s it.

*your weird thing for sneakers
i don’t know what it is, but i know a lot of boys with a passion for sneakers. and i think it’s adorable (in a not condescending way, i swear!). i love that you pick up a pair of tennies that looks almost identical to the pair you are wearing and the pair you bought last week, and you are smitten. i love how you decided which of your collection goes with your outfit. and how you ‘tie,’knot,’ or ‘tuck’ your laces. i love that you have dressier kicks for a night out, as well as your go to standbys. i love that you scour for and covet the newest styles or colors. and i love that you have had, want, or currently sport a pair of jordans (again, giving me a glimpse of a world so different than mine).

*when you find my ability to be always right endearing
self explanatory, no?

*when you smile, like really smile, in pictures
i know it’s cheesy (get it? eh? eh?), but you look good when you smile. smiles are happy. and happy people make other people happy. and capturing it on film is a way to spread and preserve happiness. and i love your smile. yes yours. because it’s great. because all smiles are great. so share it. smile in photos. let me know that you’re happy. life is good.

we probably don’t tell you enough boys, the things we love about you. this is definitely a personal list, unendorsed by other females, so don’t hold them to or against anything said here. it’s just my way of thanking you for being so darned cute. when you’re not dating anyone you don’t necessarily have anyone to aim these little acknowledgments at (without it getting weird) but that doesn’t mean you all shouldn’t know.

you’re cute, boys. and i like you. thanks for just a few of the reasons why. xoxo

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