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so this month i went to sxsw. not my first sxsw, but my first time staying through music. i wasn’t going to, and then i realized that the reason i wasn’t going to was because (unconsciously) i thought that if i wanted to do something so badly, then i probably shouldn’t. i mean, what? what not old, self sufficient, money-making, music loving, fun craving person would rule out all things fun because having that much fun couldn’t be responsible. responsible for who? i have no idea. thank GOD i came to my senses and decided to stay for music (as well as make some pretty big life changes [some yet to come] out of this OMGICANDOWHATEVERIWANTANDIMALLOWEDTOBEHAPPY epiphany)

anyway. it was amazing. probably because i just did what i wanted the whole time. i flew solo a lot of it, because there was music i wanted to hear, and bands i wanted to see, regardless of what anyone wanted to do. forget the drinking, the partying, the spring break shenanigans, the cute boys… ok, wait, don’t forget the cute boys, i was there to just be in sunshine music heaven. and my mission was accomplished. with a lot of cute boys added it.

i came back more obsessed with music than ever. so obviously i had to make a mix to share!

this mix is about 80% bands i saw at sxsw and the rest just damn good new music that i couldn’t not put on here. i’ve included two SF bands that played at our SF Embassy Showcase at sxsw- geographer and the frail because they are great.

there’s a lot of stuff on here that came out today (you’re welcome) and a lot of stuff that didn’t. basically it’s like the greatest mix ever, and if you don’t think so, you’re wrong. ( :) ) most importantly if you like a song/band GO BUY THEIR ALBUM!!

with that, i dedicate this mix, postsxswmusicmania, to all the very wonderful, awkward, cute, shy, sensitive musician boys out there. they remind me everyday that people feel, care, and are cute. and that i’m allowed to swoon. because, i love you all.

postsxswmusicmania (click me! click me!)

(i’m lazy, so yes you get  screen shot of my itunes folder for the track listing)

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  1. solid mix, and glad to see I wasn’t the only crazy person with all-caps epiphanies.

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