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Miranda Degnan Sr Manager, Fan Support Operations at Topspin Media

Steph and I met while I was living in San Francisco three years ago when I was going through a significant transition in my career. A few months later I moved down to LA, but Steph and I kept in touch and she’s since been my career/communication coach. To say that Steph is an expert in communication counseling is a vast understatement. She’s been able to provide me with in depth knowledge on how to express myself in a positive, assertive manner while navigating through a career in the music industry. Steph provides you the tools you need to navigate and control you career so you don’t dwell in the uncertainties. Steph has gone above and beyond to help me and follow up to make sure I stay on track. I really don’t know where I’d be without her help.

Jacqueline Gomba Community and Marketing Coordinator at Schematic Labs/ SoundTracking

Steph and I met during an internship where she was my manager. After a six months of working closely together, she helped me advance from intern to a full-time employee. Since then, we’ve transitioned from a supervisor-intern relationship to life coach. Over the course of a year, Steph has gotten to know my personality, work style, and career goals. She not only coaches me through difficult situations at work by improving my communication skills, but has presented me with new opportunities that work for me. Her strategy of taking steps, setting dates, and being flexible helped me move forward in both my career and personal relationships. Steph’s passion for communication, achieving goals, and coaching is unparalleled and I’m so grateful for it.


Communication Classes though Skillshare

I really enjoyed this class! Stephanie’s approach to communicating through conflict was refreshing and helpful. She was excellent at getting the group engaged with each other in some fun activities that helped us practice the techniques she presented. I also appreciated how she made a point to find out everyone’s individual goals for the course were so we could customize the discussion and ensure all questions were answered. Thanks Stephanie! ”

“A great class for anyone wanting to learn more about communication in different environments, and navigating trickier communication situations. Stephanie was great, and made the material very accessible to everyone. The exercises in particular were helpful, since they gave us a chance to work through communication issues with people we didn’t know. ”